Vote with Your Heart and Your Head

Most people vote (if they vote at all) because of their values, hopes, and beliefs.

I have voted in every election (primaries included) for more than 30 years. Although I am registered blue, I vote purple. I don’t always follow party dictate but rather my own convictions. I read a lot of other people’s opinions (even ones completely opposite of my own), research all candidates’ ideas, weigh all of their positions, and pray that they don’t screw up the job too badly once they are in office. (Too often, they do—no matter what party they represent.)

Long before people push a button or pull a lever to select the candidates whom they feel should govern, they have—if they are conscientious voters—reviewed all the positions to make an informed decision.

For most people, it is a preponderance of these political stances that ultimately determine for whom they will vote. For others, it is one issue alone that drives their decisions. Some people go to the polls voting with their pocketbooks, some vote from the pulpit, and some vote with the stars ‘n stripes in hand. Each person holds a varying set of values and a different set of priorities than the person in the neighboring booth.

That is what makes this country amazing—that somehow, despite differing opinions and values, our nation endures. I believe it is this diversity of beliefs and opinions that keep us strong.

So vote with your head and your heart, no matter who you choose. Stand your ground on your convictions, and vote as your conscience dictates. In the end, that is the best any of us can do.